Kiel: The Flowing City of Germany with Flowing Transport

Kiel is the capital city of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein which is located in the north of Hamburg. This city has become a major maritime destination in Germany due to its specific location in the whole region. Kiel’s location is the main reason of all international sailing events in which the world’s biggest sailing event Kiel Week is also included. The Olympics sailing competition is also held annually in Kiel. The city also housed the German Navy’s Baltic fleet which is going to become a core high-tech shipbuilding center in Germany.


Kiel City in Germany

Kiel is another important seaport and one of the busiest artificial estuary in the world. A large number of ferries are used to take passengers from Kiel to Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Moreover, the harbor of Kiel is also used for the military purpose on Baltic Sea. Although, Kiel has all the best mode of transportation starting from trains, buses, trams, taxis and airport but being a port city, most frequent use of transport is the ferry. For roaming the city and for safe and reliable transportation, book for Kiel airport transfers here.


Kiel Airport Transfers

Kiel is offering many ferry ports in Germany which are serving at many ferry routes. These ferry routes are crossing from Kiel to Gothenburg, Oslo, and Klaipeda. The ferry service of Kiel is used to connect Germany with Sweden, Norway and Lithuania with the help of 20 sailing ports.

You can take the ferry to cross the Sea or to reach your destination in Kiel on the daily basis. The major departing ports are Oslo, Gothenburg, and Trelleborg where you can hire your ferry to travel around the capital city of German’s state. According to the pre-defined schedule, the ferry named, Colorline, leaves Oslo at 2 pm daily and reaches at Kiel ferry port at 10 am next morning. Except Sunday, this ferry has remained available for passengers for a whole week.


Kiel Port Stena Line

Stena line, another famous ferry service is operating from Gothenburg and leaves the city at 7 pm and reached at Kiel seaport at 9 am next morning. The bus station of Schwedenkai is also located near to this ferry service, making traveling more complacent in this city. TT-Line, another one ferry service which is available for traveling in the city and it serves passengers many times a day. You can take ferry’s information from a website, titled as Bahn Website. This website is available in more than 10 languages to guide you about the ferry services in Kiel.

So, this is all about ferry services in Kiel which is really interesting one and I hope it would be amazing as well when you experienced it in real time.


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